Keeper Of My Wings Remix

February 6, 2020
John Fluker
Retribution Records
Number of discs: 1

Not since “J Is For Joy” has Fluker used other musicians on his CD projects, so it’s exciting to hear bass and guitar on “Keeper Of My Wings.” Fluker’s inspiration for “Keeper of My Wings” developed from traveling to Japan several times (over the past few years) as a part of Akira Takimoto Ministries with saxophonist, Ron Brown. “I’ve also had the pleasure of playing in the worship band with the amazing bassist, Isaias Elpes, from Brazil. Isaias is more than a bassist, he’s a composer, holds a Master’s Degree and is a great dancer as well. My guitarist and friend is Darrell Crooks whom I believe is the best R&B guitarist Los Angeles, California has to offer. Darrell is fully committed to offering his best in recordings and his multiple tracks testify to that. Whatever is missing, Darrell’s guitars will add such a flair that takes the arrangement to the next level of high performance. I am blessed to be in the company of these great musicians and I pray that you will be blessed as well.” – John Fluker

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